We offer direct embroidery and patch embroidery in three styles: Flat, 3-D and Puff, with stitch count up to 18,999. We will advise on which method achieves the best result.

Direct Embroidery

Direct Embroidery is ideal when the desire is to have a more naturally appearing integration of the design with the fabric of the garment or cap. The tactile feeling of direct embroidery blends the stitching with the fabric while an embroidered patch sits on top of the material.

Ideal for branded corporate, team, and organization wearable such as uniforms, work-wear, t-shirts, dress shirts, polo shirts, aprons, smocks, caps, backpacks, and linens, direct embroidery is the equivalent to fine engraving.

Patch Embroidery

Embroidered patches are sewn onto a carrier material which is a denser substrate than the typical garment fabric. A more tightly woven substrate enables embroidering finer image detail and crisper, sharper use of small lettering.

Embroidered patches are either sewn or glued to the garment, usually a heavier shirt, jacket, or cap. One advantage to using patches is that they can be easily removed from one garment and transferred to another when the existing garment requires replacement.

We Excel in Creating Superior Quality Embroidered Garments and Caps